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Get in Touch With Your Higher Self, Open Your Intuition, Receive Healing, Let Go of Your Past, Merge With Divine Love, Set Yourself Free!

Welcome. You are here because its the Time of the Great New Dawn, The Age of Aquarius and its Your Time to Upgrade to 5D and Higher, Let Go of Your Past, Grow Spiritually and Ascend!

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"Jayne Chilkes has a humble, wise and kind approach in helping others. With over 40 years of spiritual growth she is the best teacher and therapist I have encountered" RQ, 2021


  • Beyond Quantum Healing - Past Lives, Future Lives & Beyond - Release Blocks, reach your Higher Self and Answers to All Questions
  • Remember Home, Between Lives - Embrace Lessons from an important Past Life to the Present Life, Spiritual Enlightenment and Heal - Meet Family Members, Higher Guides, Soul Group and Soul Council
  • ❤Soul Channelling for Mind, Body, Soul Alignment and Ascension - yourpersonal conversation and questions answered with the Ascended Masters, Angels and Your Twin Flame
  • DNA Activations to Transform your Life and Open Your Latent Talents
  • ❤J-Seals and Unnatural Seals Removal to release from the Matrix
  • ❤Ascension Activations for your Multi-Dimensional Awareness
  • ❤New Earth 5D Activations
  • ❤Past Life Therapy, Present Life Balance with Hypnotherapy
  • ❤Inner Child Work at a Deeper Level
  • ❤Akashic Record Clearing
  • ❤Clear All Suffering
  • ❤Ancestral Pattern Clearing
  • ❤Energy Healing, Scalar Wand and Quantum Biofeedback
  • ❤ Ascension Healing Course© Levels l, ll and lll with Certificates
  • ❤Four Spiritual Books
  • ❤Online Classes
  • ❤Basic Natal Astrology Chart Reading by Email


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If you missed this event a RECORDING is now available.

4 Power Tools to Let Go ofYour Past

- it offers Life Changing Techniques!

"This recording was very useful. It helped me resolve a situation and put it behind me. Thank you." KB, 2021


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Step 1

Do you want to find New Ways to Empower Yourself?
Do you want to get Unstuck from your Old Limiting Beliefs?
Are you on the Path of Ascension and need a Tweak?

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Decide what you are needing for your next step on your spiritual path.

Step 3

Just contact Jayne Chilkes and you can discuss together exactly what session is right for you. We believe in Fair Pricing. The price varies according to session and starts at $75 upwards.

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